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Agri industry can grow the economy to benefit all

Growing employment and healthcare access for shared prosperity

The wider agricultural industry could hold the key to addressing many of the social and economic difficulties South Africa faces – if government takes the necessary steps to allow all farmers to be optimally productive, writes agricultural economist Dr Kobus Laubscher, consultant to Agility Agri.

South African agriculture is well organised and motivated to keep putting safe, affordable food on the table and driving economic expansion and transformation. It is strategically fit to create jobs and help build the President’s vision for growing a more sustainable and inclusive economy to benefit all through improving household food security.

The employment this could give rise to – not only in farming directly but in the plethora of associated industry, from supplies and processing to equipment and trade among others – would be considerable. As the unemployment rate drops, it will be possible for a substantially greater number of people to benefit from private healthcare. It is crucial that any employee benefits and rewards are accessible in the rural areas where most agriculture takes place.

Agility Agri provides the industry a fully integrated human capital risk management and employee benefit solution tailored to the specific requirements of South African agriculture, where it operates, and flexible to fit the needs and budget of any employer.

About Agility Agri

Agility Agri is a tailor-made and integrated employee benefit and healthcare solution for the agricultural industry across all income levels and across all spheres of the agricultural industry. 

Unique solutions include specific benefits for the non-metropole areas, focused healthcare networks for the rural areas and a rewards programme (Agility Rewards) that is accessible across all regions of South Africa.

Healthcare cover includes eight different medical scheme options on Health Squared Medical Scheme, seven options on Agility Gap and CoPay cover and low-income primary care through Agility StaffCare. Even seasonal and contract workers can be provided with access to appropriate medical care through the flexible rechargeable Agility Healthcard, which can either enhance existing healthcare benefits or provide basic healthcare benefits to non-covered employees, as and when they are contracted.  

Agility Life and Agility Retirement Fund Solutions complete the integrated solution for retirement planning and adequate, very affordable life, disability, and other group cover. 

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