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WildInn is an innovative online destination marketing platform tailored for wildlife reserves, lodges, and camps aimed at specifically promoting our game ranchers.

The platform is fast becoming the premium choice for accommodation business in the eco-tourism and wildlife sector. It promotes your business directly to the public with a network of over 65 000 potential tourists, local hunters, and hunting outfitters. WildInn is a completely FREE initiative with NO middleman. Future guests contact you directly.

This initiative is proudly brought to you by Wildlife Ranching South Africa (WRSA) in association with several other hunting organisations.

Join the more than 40 game ranchers who have already listed their properties on WildInn – register your facilities on WildInn by clicking on the link: https://forms.gle/DHCRaobgKBADQNVE7

Don’t get left behind, join Wildinn today and be IN on this fantastic initiative!

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY REGISTERED, please check your mailbox for the information, otherwise email your pictures and information to: admin@wildlinn.co.za to list your destination.

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