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WRSA has embarked on an exciting new partnership with the key objectives of bringing more commercial value to our members.

WRSA has partnered up with Dream Hotels and Resorts, an established and thriving 28-year-old organization within the hospitality industry to add our lodges to their holiday portfolio. The true African wildlife eco-tourism game ranching experience will be marketed to their 23,000 clientele of which 14,000 belong to their loyalty program. The company strives to discover the special qualities of a location by pinpointing those hidden gems and allowing access to your facility through their world class booking platform.


Different business models have been crafted to meet the different needs of our members.

Dream Hotels & Resorts was established with the dream of creating lasting memories by providing the right canvas: a varied portfolio of resorts and lodges including exclusive membership and ownership opportunities in South Africa’s most sought-after holiday destinations.

Dream Hotels & Resorts’ mantra across its 21 properties is to provide a wildlife experience that makes the guest feel like the only guest. This “One Guest” approach centres on exceeding expectations to provide guests with the dream wildlife experience. Thus, giving you space, time, and peace of mind to focus on your priority areas on your game ranch.

WRSA hereby invites you to be part of this program which we believe will showcase to the rest of the world the little pieces of heaven that we are blessed with and into which we have passionately thrown our hearts and life’s work!

Additional communications regarding the Dream-WRSA initiative will be made via Zoom sessions starting Wednesday, 11 May 2022, then on 18 May and 25 May 2022 at 15:00 to address queries around this initiative.

If you haven’t completed our Dream Resorts/WRSA questionnaire, kindly click on this link.

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