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The highly anticipated online ranch management system was unveiled at this year’s AGM. The system is available on the new WRSA website at wrsa.co.za under the Members menu.

This innovative system enables ranchers to record information such as ranch location, layout, managers, number of animals, species as well as which animals can be utilised for breeding or harvested for hunting. Secondary information such as the security firm and outfitter can also be linked to the profile.

All data is securely store on a cloud data storage server and can only be accessed by the member through the Member Portal from anywhere in the world. This adds a powerful tool to the kit of the rancher and the game industry.

The full adoption of the system by game ranchers will also enable WRSA to use up-to-date statistical data to function as mediator on behalf of its members on provincial and national level armed with traceability statistics when requested by scientific authorities or government.

Another advantage of the system is the streamlining of hunting administration. The system will send a WhatsApp message or email to the hunter on behalf of the member with the invitation, links complete or upload the indemnity form, COVID-19 form, hunting permit, firearm license details, vehicle details and the permission to transport the harvested game products. The hunter is loaded as a client of the game ranch and all the necessary documents is easily accessible to him in one place, ready to be sent or printed when needed.

All the data on this system remains the property of the owner of the game ranch. Data can only be accessed by a third part should the ranch owner grant specific permission to do so.

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