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  • Published On: 11 Jun 2022By Categories: News & Events, Current Affairs, Latest News

    By Jacques Blaauw More and more municipalities are moving to differentiate between agricultural property rates and “game farm rates,” also categorized as agricultural properties used for eco-tourism and hunting / trading and rearing of game, or something to that effect. This originates from the definition of an agricultural property in the Municipal Property Rates Act [...]

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  • Published On: 8 Jun 2022By Categories: News & Events, Current Affairs

    Hugh Webster,Amy Dickman,Adam Hart,Dilys Roe First published: 08 June 2022 The U.K. government has proposed an Animals Abroad Bill, which would ban the import of hunting trophies. However, this ban is not clearly based on any deontological moral position or system of virtue ethics (Bichel, 2021) because domestic trophy hunting and hunting trophy exports [...]

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  • Published On: 18 May 2022By Categories: Current Affairs, News & Events

    26 April 2022 – WRSA Chairperson, Gerhard Heyneke, was invited to speak on the elephant overpopulation in the Kruger National Park, on Pretoria FM, hosted by Esmarie Yssel. This call for commentary was in a follow-up to a report published on Maroela Media on 24 April 2022. (Read here: Olifantgetalle in Kruger ‘buite beheer’ [...]

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