Wildlife ranchers and breeders conduct their business with a variety of providers, contractors and employees. In the interest of good cooperation among the wildlife ranching community, WRSA offers its members access to other members to find out about the service satisfaction levels in their dealings with people in the industry.

Any WRSA member who is willing to share his/her experience, good or bad, about an employee, service or product directly with a fellow wildlife rancher, may contribute to the Service Reference List. Please send your name and contact number and/or email address, the name of the contractor, person or business, a short description of the nature of the transaction, service or goods purchased (e.g. purchased game fencing; feed; black impala). CLICK HERE (complete the form on this page) The information will be added on your behalf.

Please note that WRSA does not publish a rating or express an opinion on any services or products.

Disclaimer: Wildlife Ranching South Africa does not rate any services, or guarantee, verify or endorse the accuracy of the information provided by any person regarding any product or service included in the list below. This provider reference list merely provides access to users of a particular service or product.

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    Peter Oberem  0828216577  peter.oberem@afrivet.co.za Heinz Backeberg Employee, ranch manager
    Peter Oberem  0828216577  peter.oberem@afrivet.co.za Nelson da Sousa, Wildlife Capture cc Sold game
    Ibamba Private Game Reserve  0422461539  accounts@ibambasafari.com My Wildlife SA Purchase of Exotic Wildlife