The WRSA Foundation is a non-profit company founded by WRSA’s chairman Gerhard Heyneke, CEO Richard York and financial director Charl du Toit, in November 2020. The Foundation is jointly managed by these three gentlemen.

The main purpose of the WRSA Foundation is to assist game farmers and communities in times of crisis and need. It also affords a way for game farmers who are in a position to provide assistance to fellow farmers and communities. It is in the game farmers’ nature to offer selfless help when there is an emergency and this attitude has long been demonstrated spontaneously in the game industry. This explains why the WRSA Foundation’s motto is Where heart and hand meet. With a focus on support, research, education and the environment, hard work is done to improve the conditions of game ranchers and the entire community in need.

Natural disasters such as droughts, floods and fires are some of the biggest obstacles facing any farming community. It’s usually totally unpredictable and the consequences brutal and disturbing. Traditional drought relief efforts are focussed on ‘mainstream’ agriculture, and sadly game ranching is often overlooked. This is where the WRSA Foundation comes in to establish a structure with organised fundraising and effective coordination of resources for the benefit of game ranchers and communities affected by disasters and adversity.

The help and support provided by the WRSA Foundation is not only limited to members of WRSA. We are there for every game farmer in need!

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The first situation where the WRSA Foundation would like to lend a helping hand is the prolonged debilitating drought that has large parts of the Eastern Cape in a stranglehold. Concurrent to this are the devastating fires which occurred in the Free State again during July 2021, resulting in enormous losses for game farmers.

We are proud to announce that we are launching our first projects to raise funds and assist wildlife ranchers struggling with the crippling drought in the Eastern Cape and those suffering the effects of the recent fires in the Free State.

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